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Our director, Faik A.K. Nasser, built Unison Transactions Company to bring innovative solutions in areas such as Energy, Oil Refinery, Cancer Treatment, Beverage Chemistry and Flavor Development.


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In the many industries catered to by Unison Transactions Company, we always put clients’ interest first. YOUR investment is important to us from developing new beverages and flavors to facilitating crude oil products.


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Get in touch with us for a consultation! Let’s talk about your interest in partnering with Unison Transactions Company. Our client service executives are ready to listen.

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A solid three decades of experience in the delivery of quality products to clients and consumers! Choosing to work with Unison Transactions Company means contracting with our expertise which no other company can equal.

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Welcome to Unison Transactions Company

Our passion for innovative product development has brought us here, to serve your needs and be your partner. Today, Unison Transactions Company is backed by years of accumulated experience that your company can take advantage of as you build and sustain your brand name in the worldwide market for Energy, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Beverage Development and Flavor Chemistry. The right time to invest in your product concepts and commercial niche ideas is now!

Unison Transactions Company hopes to be your choice partner in building your businesses and nurturing your investments from the ground up. We participate in various industries that today’s dynamic consumer population cannot function without. Through a team of client service consultants, we hope to open a myriad of possibilities for your business growth. Call us today to get started!

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To steadfastly protect the investments of our clients by applying our technical skills, product development knowledge and marketing competence. Click Here »


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