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At Unison Transactions Company, we help you in the creation of the packaging and label design for your products. The label design of your product has a great impact on sales. It cannot be stressed enough that the color, shape, size and texture of your packaging has a direct effect on its appeal to your target market.

Is your product directed towards a particular age group? How about a specific gender? Regardless the demographic you are after, Unison Transactions Company can create a design for your brand that will make it unique, appealing and marketable.

To Promote Your Products

Unison Transactions Company offers design services for advertising and promoting your products. We have graphic design experts who can help you produce:

  • Logo Design
  • Brochures
  • Slide Show Presentation
  • Videos for Publicity
  • Social Media Networking
    • Online Ads
    • Banners
    • Website Design
    • Online Marketing (Email, Pay-Per-Click, SEO)

Creating your Product’s Visual Impact

Once you already have a product developed, we begin by creating a prototype of its packaging. The design is critical at this stage because it will be critiqued by focus groups as well as reviewed by samplers before you ultimately launch your product for retail distribution and sales. Unison Transactions Company will help you with:

  • Label Prototype Development (package material, box design, etc.)
  • Health Benefits Presentation
  • Price and Sales Sheet (Product Presentation for Distributors)
  • Professional Product Photos to include in the Product Tool Kits (can be used in advertising by the distributor)

On top of this, the labeling process is also crucial as many markets, particularly in North America, are keen to regulations for product packaging before government consumer agencies will approve its display on retail outlets. Our experience in the food and beverage product development field has made us highly conscious of FDA label compliance regulations and requirements.

From logos, text, color and all other aspects of the label design – let’s talk about the ideas you now have and develop it into its most consumer-appealing shape and form. Talk to us! Call us today or send a message online.

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