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A solid three decades of experience in the delivery of quality products to clients and consumers! Choosing to work with Unison Transactions Company means contracting with our expertise which no other company can equal.

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Who We Are

We thank you for choosing to work with Unison Transactions Company in your prospective business venture. We believe in the precision of strategy execution when it comes to operations through strong managers who base action and development plans on industry experience. We take guidance from more than 30 years of knowledge from our director, Faik A.K. Nasser. View his complete profile via Linkedin

Overview of the Different Industries served by Unison Transactions Company

Crude Oil Refinery

Unison Transactions Company participates in the acquisition, establishment and development of Oil and Gas properties. Year after year, we are able to facilitate the purchase of up to 10 million barrels of crude oil under Libya’s National Oil Corporation terms and conditions. As we guide clients who invest in the Crude Oil and Energy industry, we see to it that proper protocol is followed in the distribution of crude oil products to and from the regions of Middle East and Africa.

To ensure the successful sale and transition of crude oil products, our company strictly deals with legitimate buyers and sellers only. We give great emphasis on the integrity of our company as well as in protecting the interest of our investors.

Unison Transactions Company also offers cutting-edge research and development services in oil refinery, drilling technology and in marketing crude oil products to the global retail network of energy consumers.

Beverage Solutions

There is a broad and growing market for beverages all over the world. Many companies currently offer “Junk” beverages in form of energy drinks and sodas that were developed without considering the long-term health issues that may affect consumers.

At Unison Transactions Company, we develop beverages based on organic foods as well as incorporating alternative medicine ingredients to promote healthier standards in liquid consumable products. Resulting products from our Beverage Development division have been thoroughly reviewed by a team of specialists who are backed by scientific and health research.

Flavor Chemistry

Using technology and chemistry advancements, Unison Transactions Company is able to develop new flavors for drinks, juices and a myriad other forms of beverages. We cater to flavor improvements as well – for products that clients intend to re-launch and potentially capture a wider market demographic by altering or adding to their current flavors to suit consumers’ preferences.

On top of this, Unison Transactions Company can also assist in the manufacture and quality control of beverage products. We cover critical areas of beverage product management such as shelf life, preservation and packaging technology.

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